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size: S: 22.5-23.5cm
Color: black

Recovery sandals have been gaining attention in recent years, especially in the sports world. Rig, Japan's first recovery sandal brand, focused on the characteristics of Japanese feet, such as high insteps and wide width, and sought to create the most comfortable footwear for Japanese people.

It has extremely high shock absorption properties, releasing stress from the legs and lower back and promoting recovery from fatigue. Especially after standing work or exercising, it will help your feet relax as much as possible to avoid fatigue the next day. They also reduce the burden on the legs and lower back compared to hard sandals, making them suitable for everyday wear by people with lower back pain or hernia.

SLIDE has become a standard product that has remained popular since the brand was established. You can relax your feet while wearing socks, so they are recommended for everyone regardless of the sport or occasion. Suitable for indoor use as room sandals or office shoes.

[Size chart]
S: 22.5-23.5cm
M: 24-25cm
L: 25.5-26.5cm
XL: 27-28cm