rig×Odette e Odile collaboration model

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size: 24

rig footwear×Odette e Odile
Collaboration model of new work “nohy”
A pair of shoes with a thinner rope on the upper and an all-black color.
Delicate and with a sense of hold, comfortable to wear without stress. The feminine silhouette is attractive without being too sporty. This item can be used for everything from town use to active scenes such as outdoor activities and travel.

Recommended not only for relaxing summer styles such as denim and linen dresses, but also as an outfit for feminine styles.

◆Odette e Odile
Shoes that give you excitement and confidence the moment you hold them in your hands. Odette et Odile, which has its roots in the ballet "Swan Lake," is a shoe closet for sophisticated women that mixes French chic with modern seasonal touches.
This is a brand where today's women, who live a variety of life scenes, can discover their true selves.