rig×narifuri doob

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size: 23
Color: black

Doob is a winter recovery shoe developed for people who enjoy winter sports.
The synthetic down outer fabric and highly heat-retaining inner fabric promote blood circulation. In addition, a waterproof and breathable film is used between the fabrics to make it waterproof.

It has the same recovery function as the rig, but it has a special design that uses the narifuri brand colors and has a reflector print on the heel to ensure visibility, which is important for cyclists riding on the road.

○Rig original thick sole with excellent shock absorption and fatigue recovery properties
○Uses synthetic down outer fabric and inner fabric with high heat retention to promote blood circulation.
○The width of the instep can be adjusted with the rubber string strap specification.
○Reflector print on the heel to improve visibility at night (collaboration limited edition)
○2-way design that can be worn as slide sandals by stepping on the heel.
○Collaboration limited color