rig uses a footbed based on the characteristics of Japanese feet.
Designed to be most comfortable for Japanese people. After researching the characteristics of Western and Japanese feet, and after about 4 years of development, it was born in 2019 as Japan's first recovery sandal brand.

Rig's recovery sandals have extremely high shock absorption properties that relieve stress on your feet and lower back and promote recovery from fatigue.
Especially after standing work or exercising, it will help your feet relax as much as possible to avoid fatigue the next day.

They also reduce the burden on the legs and hips compared to hard sandals, making them suitable for everyday wear by people with lower back pain or hernias.
Based on the concept of reducing the load and stress on athletes, we are constantly researching and developing materials and pursuing technological innovation, reflecting the voices of various athletes such as trail running, MTB, road biking, and triathlon.