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Born in Miyazaki Prefecture in 1981, he was a basketball player when he was a student, but started triathlons after entering the workforce.

He has experience participating in the National Athletic Meet and Japan Championship in the short race, and won the long-awaited right to participate in the IRONMAN World Championship at IRONMAN Japan in 2014 in the long race.
In his 7th year of triathlon, he completed the ``dream stage'' in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, in sub-10.
Although he is a full-time worker, he always participates in competitions in both long and short races aiming for a podium finish.

IRONMAN World Championship Hawaii/Kona Tournament 2015, 2016, 2017 Consecutive Participation

IRONMAN All World Athlete<Age Group Ranking>
2015 M30-34 60th place in the world/2nd place in Japan Obtained Gold status
2016 M35-39 24th place in the world/1st place in Japan Obtained Gold status
2017 M35-39 142nd in the world/5th in Japanese, achieved Silver status

Main war history
IRONMAN Cairns (Asia Pacific Championship) 35-39 Div.10th/Japanese 1st (Time: 9:29:41)
IRONMAN World Championship 35-39 Japanese 1st place
IRONMAN 2017 All World Athlete Silver status achieved

IRONMAN New Zealand 35-39 1st place Japanese Miyakojima Triathlon 16th place overall/30-34 1st place
IRONMAN Cairns 35-39 1st place Japanese Triathlon Suzu Tournament 3rd place overall
IRONMAN World Championship 35-39 Japanese 1st place
IRONMAN 2016 All World Athlete 35-39 Age Group Ranking: Global 24th/Japanese 1st, achieved Gold status

IRONMAN Taiwan 17th place overall/30-34 1st place Triathlon Yokohama Tournament 6th place overall/30-34 4th place Miyazaki Seagaia Triathlon 3rd place overall Saiko Doman Triathlon Tournament (ATC CUP tournament) 2nd place overall/30-34 Winner
IRONMAN World Championship 30-34 Japanese 1st place
IRONMAN 2015 All World Athlete Gold status achieved

2014 Triathlon Yokohama 7th place overall/30-34 5th place
IRONMAN Japan 17th overall/30-34 3rd place Nagasaki National Athletic Meet 17th overall

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